• Gold medalist, Paralympian Grace Norman was XMC's Christmas staff speaker.
  • moving
  • We Shall Return Sign
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Aerial Photo of Damaged Kroelher Building
  • Aerial Photo Showing Destroyed School
  • Damaged Central State Building
  • Bent Metal Signage
  • Destroyed Reddy Electric Company Truck
  • Boy Standing in the Window Frame
  • Destroyed Car and Uprooted Tree Near Courthouse
  • Street-Level View of Town Destruction
  • Damaged Utility Pole
  • Young Boy Crying with Destroyed Home in Background
  • Man Looking at a Destroyed House
  • Photo of Destroyed School
  • Photo of House Siding Wrapped Around Trees
  • Two Residents Assessing Property Damage
  • Air Force Guardsman Volunteer Resting in a Truck
  • Residents Picking Up Rubble
  • Firefighters Surpressing a Building Fire
  • Food Line Set Up for Surviving Residents
  • Residents Handling a Crucifix
  • Injured Woman in a Wheelchair
  • Woman Being Lifted Onto a Medical Stretcher
  • President Richard Nixon with Entourage
  • President Richard Nixon Surveying Damage at Xenia
  • Nurses Tending to Injured Survivors
  • American Red Cross Van
  • American Red Cross Truck

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