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Zoning Application

  1. If Different From Property Owner
  2. If Different From Property Owner
  3. If Different From Property Owner
  4. If Different From Property Owner
  5. Land Use
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  8. Proposed Activity
  9. Please upload Adobe PDF versions of the plans required for the application. Required submittals are as follows:
    - New construction and building expansions: site/utility/landscape plans
    - Accessory buildings, fences, driveway/parking lots and swimming pools: Site plan
    - Sign: Permanent new signs require sign drawing plus site plan for freestanding signs
    - Additional materials may be requested by City staff following submittal of the application.
  10. I hereby certify that all information and attachments submitted in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby consent to inspection of the subject property and buildings in conjunction with this application by the City of Xenia. I hereby acknowledge that the property owner is responsible for locating and verifying all property lines and boundaries. If I am not the property owner, I hereby certify that I have the property owner's consent in signing this application. By typing my name into this field I authorize the City of Xenia to consider this an electronic signature.
  11. Review Process
    The typical review time for a zoning permit application is 7 business days or less. A City staff member will contact you if any additional information is needed, if there are problems with your submittal, or to notify you when your permit is approved. The permit fee is due at the time the permit is approved and issued.
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