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Water and Sewer Tap Permit Application

  2. By submitting this application, Applicant agrees:
    1) to be legally responsible for any and all consequences arising from any excavation; 2) to be responsible for traffic control for any work in the street and notify City of Xenia's Dispatch center of any lane restrictions and 3) to restore all disturbed areas of the City Right-of-Way to like or better conditions in accordance with the City of Xenia's Construction Standards.
  4. (If property is a vacant lot without an existing address, please contact the Engineering Department at 937-376-7265 for an address assignment.)
  5. Tap Requested for:
  6. An itemized cost for the requested water/sewer tap fee will be sent to this address. The City of Xenia will supply water meters that are 2" or less in size and this cost will be reflected in the tap fee. All other sizes will have to be purchased separately by the contractor and all meters must meet City Standards.
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