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Application to Work in the City Right-of-Way

  2. Type of Property
      1. Type of Project
        For items with an * a site plan and project description is required. (See Below)
      2. Type of Concrete Work
          Check all that apply
        1. If adding new structures to right-of-way, please provide a description of the proposed work.
        2. A PDF file can be attached.
        3. This can be the property owner or contractor's name. Contractors: please also provide company name.
        4. Approved permits will be sent to this address after payment is received.
        5. By submitting this application, applicant agrees to restore all disturbed areas of the City Right-of-Way to like or better conditions in accordance with the City of Xenia's Construction Standards.
          The current fee for Right-of-Way permits is $35 per lot. After permit review, applicant will be sent payment instructions via e-mail.
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