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Application for Irrigation Meter Permit

  2. Irrigation meters are to be placed in the City’s meter well. If the domestic meter is inside the structure then both will need to be placed outside in a meter well within the right of way.
  3. Two permits will be required to accomplish the installation; one from the City of Xenia for the meter and well only, and one from Greene County plumbing inspection for your new system. The City cannot turn on the irrigation meter until we receive a release from Greene County Health Department - Plumbing Division. If deemed necessary, your system may require the installation of a backflow prevention device. Backflow Prevention Devices must be inspected and recertified annually at the owner's expense. No apparatus pertaining to your new system will be permitted inside the meter well. The City of Xenia water department will install the meter only; all other apparatus necessary will be the owner’s responsibility to have installed by an outside contractor. The meter, meter well and all other contents within the well are City property. City personnel are the only ones authorized to be in the wells.
  4. Once your new system is up and running it will be the property owner's responsibility to winterize the system and to contact the city (937-376-7242) to have the meter turned off to prevent freezing and damage during the cold weather. Service can be reconnected in the spring by calling the same number. Any time you request service to be reconnected, someone representing the owner must be present during the reconnection to insure that there are no leaks or damage caused by running water.
  5. Type of Property
      1. This e-mail address will be used to send back the approved permit.
      2. The current fee for an Irrigation Meter Permit is $302.00. After the application is reviewed, instructions for payment will be sent to the e-mail address provided above. After the permit is issued, the City of Xenia Water Department Personnel will visit the property to prep the meter well to hold two meters. After the County inspects the new plumbing installed and issues a meter release, the City will return to the property to install the new meter.

      3. By submitting this application the applicant agrees they understand the rules and regulations listed above.
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