How can Xenians help to create neXtPlan?

neXtPlan is citizen-driven. 

First, a diverse group of residents and community leaders (called "neXTeam") has been convened to advise City staff on community involvement and issues to address. 

Second, all Xenia residents can now participate in an online opinion survey to help identify the direction of neXtPlan. Click here to take the survey!

Early in 2023 there will be listening sessions, open to the public, allowing residents to discuss their priorities in person, with one another and with City staff. Focus groups will occur later in the process and each will consist of a meeting organized around a specific topic, such as housing, mobility, economic development, etc. This public input will be combined with objective analysis of demographic and market trends to create goals, objectives and strategies. Once completed, the draft plan will be shared with the general public for review, to make sure we "got it right." Only after completion of this process will the City consider the plan for formal adoption - likely in late 2023.

More information will be available in the coming weeks, including specific dates and links.

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1. What is neXtPlan?
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3. How can Xenians help to create neXtPlan?