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Posted on: March 6, 2023

McKinley 3rd graders decide fate of Big Bad Wolf during mock trial at Xenia Municipal Court

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_Website News Template  (3)Third grade students from McKinley Elementary were front and center for a one-of-a-kind trial in Xenia Municipal Court. The courtroom played host to the mock trial of B.B. Wolf (better known as the Big Bad Wolf), who stood accused of stealing cookies from Little Red Riding Hood.

The mock trial has been an exercise coordinated by the Greene Optimist Club for more than 20 years. In that time the majority of the mock trials have been conducted in Fairborn, but on Friday, March 3rd, Xenia Municipal Court participated in the exercise for the first time.

 The Greene Optimist Club was excited to expand their efforts into Xenia and impact children in our community. "They're getting exposure to a court room and they're getting a lesson in civics, and have fun -- and learn something," said Craig Kigar with the Greene Optimist Club. "Our goal is to benefit children, just by putting them in this situation, we've found a way to benefit them."

_Website News Template  (4)_Website News Template  (5)Students from the Xenia High School drama club volunteered their time, with students playing the roles of Little Red Riding Hood and B.B. Wolf. Xenia City Prosecutor Melvin Planas participated in the exercise and even had the help of one of the students, who was his assistant prosecutor for the day. Students also sat on the jury to hear all the facts and decide if B.B. Wolf was indeed guilty of stealing Red Riding Hood's cookies. Witnesses included Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma, and Officer "Friendly."


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