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Posted on: August 3, 2022

Public Hearing to be held on proposed Land Development Code Updates

Council Chambers

The City of Xenia Planning and Zoning Commission is considering several updates to the Land Development Code that will improve options for homeowners and business owners alike, while improving effectiveness of other sections. A public hearing is being held on Thursday, August 4 during the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting at 6 p.m.

The following is a description of the updates:

Remove Conflicts with Updated Charter: 1220.01(b) and 1220.01(c)

  • Reflects recent changes to the Charter, approved by voters in May, pertaining to Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals organizational rules (membership, meetings, etc.).

Accessory Building (sheds, garages, gazebos, etc.) setbacks: 1224.01(b)(10)

  • Removes requirement that accessory buildings be at least 10’ from the main building or have fire-resistance materials and follow the same setback requirements as the main building
  • Allows more flexibility in locating sheds, garages, etc.

Outdoor dining fences on public sidewalks: 1224.01(e)(9)B

  • Clarifies that restaurant outdoor dining fences are permitted on public sidewalks, provided that the restaurant enters into a right-of-way use agreement with the City.

Fences on corner lots: 1224.01(e)(9)F

  • Allows a fence to exceed 4’ in height if located in a corner lot’s “side” yard that faces a street, provided that the fence meets the required front yard setback.
  • Addresses common variance request, increases flexibility for some property owners.

Raising of Small Livestock: 1224.01(e)(19)

  • Increases allowable small livestock animals (chickens, rabbits, etc.) on a residential property from four to six.

Vision Clearance at Intersections 1226.02(c)

  • More effectively regulates areas close to intersections, preventing objects such as fences, signage and landscaping from blocking drivers’ ability to see oncoming traffic.

Temporary Parking for Recreational Vehicles and Trailers: 1234.02(b)(3)A

  • Reduces temporary loading/unloading period allowed for recreational vehicles and trailers parked in a residential front driveway from one week to 72 hours.
  • Removes “loophole” that prevents effective enforcement; still allows these vehicles to be parked in a side or rear yard on a paved surface.

1236.06(k) LED Signs

  • Allows electronic message board to cover entire surface area of a sign, where electronic message signs are permitted.

1236.09(e) Drive-through signs

  • Allows second, smaller drive-through sign in each lane of a drive-through restaurant.

1242.04: Re-Inspection Fee

  • Requires a fee for code violations that are not addressed after receiving a notice of violation.
  • Provides deterrent against violations without the need for a lengthy, costly court process.

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