Public Hearing Notices

If you received a Notice of Public Hearing

A notice for a public hearing is a required notice to be sent by the City to property owners who are in the vicinity of a property where development of or changes are proposed. Such notices invite the public to participate in the decision-making process. If you received a notice of public hearing in the mail and you have questions, please contact the staff member at the number listed at the bottom of the notice.

City Council

There are no public hearings scheduled for any upcoming City Council meetings.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Three (3) public hearings are scheduled for the April 22, 2019, Board of Zoning Appeals meeting:
  • Variance to allow a 45' x 200' permanent outdoor display area in a parking lot on the west side of Rural King, contrary to code requirements that prohibit such areas in a front yard or parking lot, limit such areas to 20% of building area, and require screening, filed by Daniel Allen for the property located at 1900 N. Progress Drive. Click here to read the Notice of Public Hearing.
  • Variance to allow a driveway for a future Aldi store on a proposed extension of Hospitality Drive to be located 76 ft. from a future intersection with Greene Way Boulevard, contrary to the required minimum separation of 105 ft. between a driveway and an intersecting street, filed by Russ White for the property located on Greene Way Boulevard. Click here to read the Notice of Public Hearing.
  • Variance to allow a 6 ft. tall wood privacy fence in a front yard, contrary to code requirements which limit front yard fence height to 4 ft, filed by Housing Solutions of Greene County for the property located at 520 Brandywine Lane. Click here to read the Notice of Public Hearing.

Planning and Zoning Commission

One (1) public hearing is scheduled for the May 2, 2019, Planning and Zoning Commission meeting:
  • Rezoning of 602-614, 624, 634, 658-672, 680, 698, 728, and 750 Cincinnati Avenue from I-2 Heavy Industrial to B-3 General Business District filed by Rebecca and Steven Steinbarger. Click here to view the Notice of Public Hearing.