The City of Xenia's Development Department can assist your project with confidential technical and/or financial assistance if desired. This assistance can include the investigation of all available local, state, and federal financing and incentive programs to provide a tailor-made financial incentive package for your project. A number of frequently used programs include:

City of Xenia Revolving Loan Fund

A limited, public-sector loan program that can be used in conjunction with conventional financing for:
  • Real property (land and/or building) acquisition and improvements
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment

Ohio Enterprise Zone Program (Tax Abatement)

The City of Xenia has established an Ohio Enterprise Zone Program. This program provides for up to 75% tax abatement of real property taxes for a 10-year period. This program is available for industrial expansions, including new facilities involving manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, research and development, and office operations. Residential and retail projects are not eligible.

Xenia Income Tax Rebate Program

The Xenia Income Tax Rebate Program returns a portion of income taxes collected from non-retail businesses creating at least 45 new full time jobs with a wage of 150% of the federal minimum wage (which equates to $10.88 per hour), or 20 jobs at 400% of the federal minimum wage (which equates to $28 per hour) or some combination of the 2, so long as total payroll exceeds $750,000 for those jobs paying in excess of 150% of the federal minimum wage.

If a company adds the requisite number of employees, they may receive a rebate equal to 44% of the income taxes collected on the payroll. Eligible companies receive a rebate for up to 5 years, if they commit to staying in Xenia for at least 10 years, and claw back provisions are in effect.

Qualifying businesses are non-retail business involved in manufacturing, distribution, research and development, or technology firms. Companies are required to provide annually employment data including total jobs by classification, wage rate per job, and residency of employees to ensure0 thresholds are being met.

Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Tax Abatement

The City of Xenia offers real property tax abatements for residential or commercial construction, expansion or remodeling in designated areas. This program is administered by the Planning and Zoning Department. Click here to learn more!

State Incentives

There are numerous state incentives for which your company may qualify. We can help you research these incentives.

For complete program information on any of the available business incentive programs, contact the City of Xenia's Department of Development.