Trash Collection & Recycling

Weekly trash collection services for residential customers within the City of Xenia are provided by Rumpke, and these charges will be included on your monthly utility bill.

Xenia has teamed up with Ohio’s Recycling Leader, Rumpke, to provide an enhanced waste and recycling program that encourages less trash and more recycling.

Xenia is a cleaner and greener community since we have moved to a cart contents only system—a system that research has proven reduces trash and increases recycling. Newer, quieter and safer, environmentally-friendly automated trash and recycling collection trucks service our community.  Rumpke’s new automated trucks utilize a mechanical arm to pick up your carts and empty them quickly and efficiently without risk of injury to drivers. Even the trucks are greener (they are fueled with compressed natural gas ensuring less emissions than their diesel counterparts).

Trash and recycling collection will be done on your regularly scheduled collection day.

Trash Carts

All trash must be placed completely inside the trash or recycling cart (lid on cart must be down). 
All recycling must be placed loose (no plastic bags) completely inside the recycling cart. Anything left outside the carts will not be collected unless it is placed in special overflow trash bags that can be purchased at the Utility Billing Division for $4.00 each.  Excess trash will not be picked up unless it is in a special overflow trash bag. Your trash will also not be collected if the cart is placed incorrectly or is blocked by vehicles or other obstacles.

One trash cart is not sufficient for you and your family? Call Rumpke at 800-223-3960 to rent a second cart for $4.00 a month.

Need an additional recycling cart? Call Utility Billing at 937-376-7242 to request a free additional recycling cart. 

Bulk Items
bulk trash

There are two options for disposing of large bulky items:

Option 1 - R
umpke will collect up to three bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc.) the second full week of the month at no charge on your regular trash collection day.  

Option 2 - The City will collect bulk items on Tuesdays and Fridays each week at a cost of $2.00 per item.  Residents must schedule the pickup by calling 376-7260 or by emailing the request to Please click here for additional information.

All upholstered items must be wrapped (top and bottom) in plastic. If you need an oversized, heavy duty bag to wrap your mattress, sofa or other upholstered item for bulk pickup, bags for this purpose are available at Utility Billing for $7.00 each.

  • When placing carts at the curb, face them toward the street (cart wheels should face away from the street). Place your trash and recycling carts at least 4 feet apart.
  • Position carts within two feet of the curb.
  • Do not place carts near parked cars, mailboxes, etc. (make certain the cart is at least 4 feet away from other objects).

Have more questions?  Click here for more information.

Our "cart only" system encourages recycling.  

Contact Utility Billing at 937-376-7242 to obtain a recycling cart or request additional recycling carts.

Holiday Schedule

Rumpke will not provide collection on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If the holiday falls on or before your collection day, your service will be delayed by one day for the remainder of that week with Friday residents being serviced on Saturday.