Codified Ordinances

American Legal Publishing maintains our Codified Ordinances. You can access an electronic version of our Code in its entirety via a link to their online library. Our published code has been updated with local legislation through December 10, 2020, and State legislation through November 22, 2017. The following is a listing of all Ordinances and Resolutions passed since our most recent update (Ordinances listed first, followed by Resolutions).

2021 Ordinances and Resolutions

  1. Ord. 2021-01 Authorizing Issuance of $3.3M Special Obligation Bond Notes to acquire leasehold interests in Xenia Towne Square
  2. Ord. 2021-02 Final Budget and Annual Appropriations for 2021
  3. Ord. 2021-03 Amending XCO 260.03 and 274.07 Police Service Aide, Engineering Project Manager, Maintenance Worker
  4. Ord. 2021-04 Amending XCO 298 Fee Schedule and Associated Code Sections
  5. Ord. 2021-05 Authorize Submission to Greene County of municipal annex of 5.59 acres - Old Town Reserve
  6. Ord. 2021-06 Repealing ESID Legislation (Ords. 2019-17, 2019-18, 2019-29)
  7. Ord. 2021-07 Amending Ord. 2021-02 Annual Appropriations
  8. Ord. 2021-08 Amending Ord. 2021-07 Annual Appropriations
  9. Ord. 2021-09 Rezoning 53.4 acres at Van Eaton and Lower Bellbrook from PUD and A-1 to R-1C and R-2
  10. Ord. 2021-10 Amending Ord. 2021-08 Annual Appropriations
  11. Ord. 2021-11 Rezoning 2 parcels totaling 5.01 acres at 784 Bellbrook Ave. from R-1C to P-1
  12. Ord. 2021-12 Rezoning 2 parcels totaling 0.57 acres between 300 and 346 Bellbrook Ave. from R-3 to O-1
  13. Ord. 2021-13 Rezoning 0.05 acres on N. Monroe St. from R-3 to B-3
  14. Ord. 2021-14 Accepting Lower Bellbrook Road Annexation of 24.544 acres
  15. Ord. 2021-15 Amending Zoning Map to establish I-1 zoning for 2 newly annexed parcels on Lower Bellbrook Rd.
  16. Ord. 2021-16 Accepting annexation of 2.2946 acres of land at 800 Hedges Road
  17. Ord. 2021-21 Amending Ord 2021-10 Annual Appropriations
  18. Res. 2021-A Approving and Authorizing Settlement Agreement with Blue Rock
  19. Res. 2021-B Establishing Xenia Towne Square Bond Retirement Fund
  20. Res. 2021-C Establishing Xenia Towne Square Development Special Revenue Fund
  21. Res. 2021-D Authorizing the Sale of a portion of 153 N. Columbus St. to Robert Hamilton
  22. Res. 2021-F Authorize Submission to Greene County jointly with Mt. Holly Farms for annex of 24.544 acres on Lower Bellbrook Rd.
  23. Res. 2021-G Approving amended Greene County Solid Waste Management Plan
  24. Res. 2021-H Requesting Advance Payment of 2020 Tax Settlements from Greene County Auditor
  25. Res. 2021-I Repealing Res. 2019-Z ESID
  26. Res. 2021-J Declaring the Necessity to transfer funds from GOBP to General Fund thru ORC 5705.14 petition to GC Court of Common Pleas
  27. Res. 2021-K Designating CIC as agency of the City to advance, encourage, and promote development
  28. Res. 2021-L Authorizing the City Manager to submit an Application for a SAFER Grant for the Xenia Fire Division
  29. Res. 2021-M Adopting Statement of Services for 24.544 acres on Lower Bellbrook proposed for annexation
  30. Res. 2021-N Adopting Statement re: buffer zone for 24.544 acres on Lower Bellbrook proposed for annexation
  31. Res. 2021-O Authorizing submittal of application for GC Community Investment Grant for Eavey Building
  32. Res. 2021-Q Amending Policy EBM-3.10 Health and Dental Insurance
  33. Res. 2021-R Authorizing Then and Now Payment to Carmeuse
  34. Res. 2021-S Adopting Statement of Services for 800 Hedges Rd proposed for annexation
  35. Res. 2021-T Adopting Statement regarding buffer for 800 Hedges Rd proposed for annexation
  36. Res. 2021-U Authorize purchase of IT Security Programs up to $75,000 w/o Competitive Bidding and Council approval
  37. Res. 2021-V Authorizing property use agreement with Studio B Signs for 713 N Detroit St
  38. Res. 2021-W Agreement with ODOT for roadway snow ice removal and maintenance
  39. Res. 2021-X Supporting the 2021 Greene County Master Trails Plan
  40. Res. 2021-Y Providing for assessments to be levied and certified to Greene County Auditor
  41. Res. 2021-Z Approving Application for CAUV for Strausburg property of 32.654 acres at 817 Upper Bellbrook Road
  42. Res. 2021-AA Authorizing OPWC application for Bellbrook Avenue improvement project
  43. Res. 2021-BB Adopting the 2022 Tax Budget and authorizing submittal to the Greene County Auditor
  44. Res. 2021-CC Supporting Connect Greene Initiative and authorizing participation in joint grant application
  45. Res. 2021-DD Authorizing the Sale of 896 Louise Drive to Shriner Building Company
  46. Res. 2021-EE Authorizing Execution of Agency Agreement with Xenia CIC
  47. Res. 2021-FF Accepting terms of OneOhio Opioid Settlement Agreement
  48. Res. 2021-GG Accepting Amounts and Rates and Authorizing and Certifying Tax Levies to GC Auditor
  49. Res. 2021-HH Authorizing Submission of Applications for ARPA Funding for Glady Run WWTP Improvements and Wilberforce Sewer Sliplining Project
  50. Res. 2021-II Execute Agreement w/ Process Pump and Seal to Rebuild High Service Pump No. 3
  51. Res. 2021-JJ Approving Final Plat and Authorizing Subdivider's Agreement for Summer Brooke South Sec. 4
  52. Res. 2021-KK Authorizing Then and Now Payment for Vista Solutions XMC
  53. Res. 2021-LL Providing for assessments to be levied and certified to GC Auditor
  54. Res. 2021-MM Authorizing applications thru MVRPC for Bellbrook Ave. and E. Market St. Resurfacing Projects
  55. Res. 2021-NN Authorizing new NTE price to purchase two 1-ton trucks from Key Chrysler
  56. Res. 2021-OO Authorizing Sale of 677 E Cincinnati Ave. to Memory Puzzles
  57. Res. 2021-PP Adopting a Five-Year CIP 2022-2026
  58. Res. 2021-QQ Approving 2022 Employee Insurance Program
  59. Res. 2021-RR Awarding bid to Technology International for tanker trailer
  60. Res. 2021-SS Accepting VOCA and SVAA Grants for 2022
  61. Res. 2021-TT Adopting EBM Court Leave Policy 3.07 and Replacing Military Leave Policy 3.19
  62. Res. 2021-UU Award Biosolids bid to Hines Farming for 2022-2024
  63. Res. 2021-VV Accepting transfer of Carnegie Library from Greene County
  64. Res. 2021-WW Authorizing transfer of Carnegie Library to CLX LLC
  65. Res. 2021-ZZ Accepting Round 3 Ohio 911 Subgrant funding for NG911 project at GCCCC