Codified Ordinances

American Legal Publishing maintains our Codified Ordinances. You can access an electronic version of our Code in its entirety via a link to their online library. Our published code has been updated with local legislation through December 31, 2017, and State legislation through November 22, 2017. The following is a listing of all Ordinances and Resolutions passed since our most recent update (Ordinances listed first, followed by Resolutions).

2018 Ordinances

2018 Resolutions

  1. Res. 2018-A Authorizing Amendments to Electric Aggregation Plan of Operation and Governance
  2. Res. 2018-B 2018 Financial Management Policies and Goals
  3. Res. 2018-C Adopting Xenia's Natural Gas Plan of Operation and Governance
  4. Res. 2018-D Designating City Clerk as Council's designee for Ohio Sunshine Law Training
  5. Res. 2018-E Requesting Advance Payment of 2018 Tax Settlements from Greene County Auditor
  6. Res. 2018-F Authorizing 3-year EDRLF Administration Agreement with ODSA to use CDBG Program Income
  7. Res. 2018-G Establishing Street Lighting District 2 in Sterling Green Crossing Subdivision 2019-2022
  8. Res. 2018-H Amending Appendix 2 Employee Benefits Manual (Non-Union Wage Ranges)
  9. Res. 2018-I Authorizing the purchase of Public Service Maintenance Vehicles from Key Chrysler
  10. Res. 2018-J Authorizing Agreements with the Greene County Engineer and John R Jurgensen for 2018 Street Program
  11. Res. 2018-K Authorizing Agreements with Verizon under GSA Federal Supply Schedule
  12. Res. 2018-L Authorize a Use Agreement with Devil Wind Brewing, 130 S. Detroit St.
  13. Res. 2018-M Authorizing submission of 2018 CDBG Application for W Second Curbs and Ramps project
  14. Res. 2018-N Amending Policy EBM-3.01 Vacation
  15. Res. 2018-O Authorizing lease w/US Bank to finance Water Towers Painting project
  16. Res. 2018-P Declaring the Necessity of Levying a Property Tax for Street Purposes
  17. Res. 2018-Q Authorizing City Manager to negotiate or use informal competition to sell city property or fixtures
  18. Res. 2018-R Authorizing the City Manager to execute LPA Agreement w/ODOT for W. Second St. project
  19. Res. 2018-S Authorizing a Then and Now Payment to CompManagement