Levy Questions & Answers

You've been asking... here are the answers!  Below are 4 videos that contain frequently asked questions about the City of Xenia's May 4, 2010, Ballot Issue. The questions were asked by Finance Director Mark Bazelak and answered by City Manager Jim Percival, Police Chief Randy Person, and Fire Chief Jeff Leaming. 
Part 1
Part 1 Questions
  • Question 1: Tell us what is on the May 4th ballot for the City of Xenia. (How much is the income tax levy; how much will it generate; how much will it cost residents?)
  • Question 2: More specifically, what will this levy - called Issue 7 - pay for?
  • Question 3: When was the last time the city made a request for new funds and when was the last time there was an approved voted increase?
  • Question 4: Economic times remain difficult for Xenia residents. Why an earned income tax now?
  • Question 5: Since it is an earned income tax, that means that only taxable earnings are taxed. So then, what does this mean for senior citizens and others who do not earn income?
  • Question 6: If approved, when would collection begin?
  • Question 7: What has the city done to tighten its belt?
Part 2
Part 2 Questions
  • Question 8: Last fall the city eliminated the recreation department; will the recreation department be restored if the levy passes?
  • Question 9: Let’s talk about what happens if this levy does not pass. Since the funds would be used for police, fire, and roads, what happens if it fails? Tell us about that.
  • Question 10: Chief (police and fire) can you talk about your ability to currently provide services and how services will be affected if the levy fails?
  • Question 11: Obviously, nobody likes to pay higher taxes. How does Xenia rank in terms of affordability compared to other local governments in Greene and Montgomery County?
Part 3
Part 3 Questions
  • Question 12: Obviously, higher taxes cannot be the sole answer. What other steps is the City taking to enhance the City’s future?
  • Question 13: How do Xenia employee wages and benefits compare to other comparable cities wages and benefits?
  • Question 14: The City has received some awards for operations and even from the State Auditor’s Office. Tell us about those.
Part 4
Part 4 Questions
  • Question 15: Tell us why this levy is important to Xenia.
  • Question 16: So, if I am a voter and need more information, may I call you or the City?
  • Question 17: Final remarks.