November 5, 2013 Ballot Issues

The City of Xenia had, on the November 5, 2013 ballot, 2 issues:
  • 3.5 Mill Operating Levy Renewal (Issue 7)
  • Electrical Aggregation (Issue 8)
Information Pieces
Please check back regularly as we work to provide you with information on these important ballot issues.

Upcoming Educational Events
  • Candidates and Issues Night on Tuesday, October 22, from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center, 130 East Church Street
  • Presentation on Renewal of 3.5 Mill Operating Levy and Electrical Aggregation at October 24th City Council meeting
  • Article(s) in the Fall 2013 Edition of The Xenia Communicator
Issue 7 - Renewal of Existing 3.5 Mill Operating Levy (No New Taxes)
  • The existing 3.5 mill operating levy was originally passed in 1959 and has been renewed since that time.
  • In the 1970s, legislation enacted that voted tax levies can never exceed that collected tax amount generated when it was first levied except for when property is annexed into the municipality.
  • The current effective voted tax millage for residential property in the City of Xenia is approximately 0.94 mills on the 3.5 mill operating levy.
  • Collections on the existing 3.5 mill operating levy expire at the end of 2014.
  • The proposed renewal levy will continue to generate an estimated $415,000 annually per the Greene County Auditor's Certificate of Estimated Property Tax Revenue.
  • This levy provides funds used for day to day operations of Police, Fire, and Public Service departments.
  • A renewal levy would not generate any additional revenue nor would it cost the taxpayers any additional dollars.
Current Annual Cost for the 3.5 Mill Operating Renewal Levy
Tax Appraised Value
Tax at 0.94 Mills

Issue 8 - Electrical Aggregation

  • Ohio Electric Choice began in 2001, and created the ability for local governments to form a buying pool of their residents. These groups, known as governmental aggregations, leverage their "buying power" to solicit a lower supplier price for the electricity needs of their members.
  • To begin an aggregation program, the community must be certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. The City of Xenia is choosing to do this with voter approval - "opt out" option.
  • Opt-out aggregation means the city will issue an RFP for an electric generation supplier. The city then selects an energy supplier and established the price to charge its citizens. Notification by the City of Xenia will be given and residents have the opportunity to opt-out of the buying pool.
  • Opt-out governmental aggregation automatically enrolls all local residents, unless they individually opt-out of the program and choose not to be included.
  • Whether a customer opts out or accepts the city's choice of a new generation supplier, the electricity is still delivered to the customer, because the delivery of electricity continues to be regulated under Ohio law. The poles and wires in your community over which the power flows remain.
  • The Power Company will continue to maintain and repair utility poles and wires, as well as read meters, regardless of a resident's choice to opt-out. If your power goes out, you will continue to call DP&L for restoration.
  • Residents do not have to switch their electric generation supplier. A resident's supplier cannot be switched without their permission.
  • Residents can also be placed on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's Do Not Aggregate List by calling 800-686-7826 or visiting the PUCO's website.