Tax Overview

Who Must File

  • All Xenia residents and partial year residents ages 18 and over (including zero income)
  • Xenia residents 16 and 17 years of age only if their tax is not completely withheld for Xenia at the rate of 2.25%
  • Retired residents age 65 and over if they have rental, business income or earned income
  • Every business entity that conducts business within or for the City of Xenia. This includes ownership of rental property within the City of Xenia

When to File

The due date for taxpayers who end their taxable year on December 31 is April 15 (or the due date for State of Ohio returns) of the following year. Late filing of a return, whether tax is due or not, subjects the taxpayer to penalty and/or interest. Forms to request an extension to file a Xenia City return are available here or in our office. This is an extension to file, not an extension to pay.  Xenia extension to file requests must be received by the tax return due date to be honored.  A copy of the timely filed Xenia extension or Federal extension must be attached to your return when filed to avoid late filing penalties.

NOTE:  Beginning with tax year 2016, if you have a timely filed Federal extension to file, you are not required to provide it in advance of filing your tax return but you must attach a copy of the Federal extension to your return when filed to avoid late filing penalties.

Estimated Tax Payments for Tax Year 2018 & Beyond

If a taxpayer has income that will be subject to Xenia income tax, but the tax is not being withheld for the taxpayer by an employer, the taxpayer is responsible for making estimated payments on the tax liability. To avoid penalty and interest, the taxpayer must pay either 90% of the income tax liability (as shown on the final return) or 100% of the previous year’s tax by January 15 (following the tax year). The tax office will be glad to assist taxpayers in calculating what estimated payments should be made to avoid penalty and interest. Since the tax rate effective January 1, 2011 is 2.25% and the maximum credit for taxes paid to other cities is 1.5%, if you work outside the City of Xenia, in most cases, you must make estimated payments to avoid a penalty. The quarterly estimated payments for calendar filers are due as follows to avoid a penalty:
  • 22 1/2% of Xenia tax liability (minus any credits) on or before April 15
  • 45% of Xenia tax liability (minus any credits) on or before June 15
  • 67 1/2% of Xenia tax liability (minus any credits) on or before September 15
  • 90% of Xenia tax liability (minus any credits) on or before January 15

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Auto Pay

Tax Preparation

The tax office is available to prepare city income tax returns at no charge in person during the hours of 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday (holidays excluded). To prepare a city income tax return, the taxpayer must provide all W-2s, 1099s, and their Federal Income Tax Return with all attachments. If taxes have been paid to other cities, W-2s or other documentation showing the cities receiving the withholding payments must be provided to receive credit.


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