Individuals / Small Businesses Forms (filing under SSN)

If you are filing your Xenia Income Tax return under a Social Security Number (e.g., individuals, sole proprietorships) use one of these forms:

Using one of our fill-in PDF forms? It is strongly recommended that you save the form to your desktop, then complete, save it on your system and then submit the saved form. This takes the form out of the browser window and reduces most issues related to the variety of web browsers available. View additional PDF hints and troubleshooting suggestions (PDF).

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2019 Individual Income Tax Returns

2018 Individual Income Tax Returns

2017 Individual Income Tax Returns

2016 Individual Income Tax Returns

*If you have tax credits for other cities (Section B), you must enter your wages prior to entering your other city tax credits so the calculating PDF form can verify the maximum other city tax credit allowed.

2015 Individual Income Tax returns

2014 Individual Income Tax returns

*Extension of Time to File Request Fillable (PDF)

Individual Income Tax Questionnaire Fillable (PDF)

Affidavit to Close or Inactive an Individual Account Fillable (PDF)

Tax Year 2018 & Beyond Declaration & Estimated Payment Coupons Fillable (PDF)

*An extension to file is not an extension to pay. Estimated taxes due must be paid by the return due date to avoid or reduce non-payment penalties. For tax years 2015 and prior, non-payment penalties are 5% per month (or part thereof) monthly from the return due date until the taxes are paid. For tax years 2016 and beyond, the non-payment penalty is a 1-time 15% penalty for any tax balance not paid by the return due date.