Fire & EMS Division

About the Fire & EMS Division

The Xenia Fire & EMS Division currently consists of 45 employees. The Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief work Monday through Friday administrating the operations of the Fire & EMS Division, along with a part time fire inspector; the other 42 employees are split evenly among three shifts (A, B, and C). Each shift is commanded by a Captain who is assisted by two Lieutenants in running the daily shift activities. Ten firefighter/paramedics are assigned to each shift.

Xenia Fire Division


The Xenia Fire & EMS Division provides a wide range of services to the City of Xenia and Central State University including fire suppression, EMS, rescue, hazardous materials, fire prevention, fire inspection and plan review. In addition to the normal fleet of fire and EMS vehicles, the Xenia Fire & EMS Division has paramedics who can respond on bicycles during special events in the community. In 2019 the Xenia Fire & EMS Division handled more than 6,100 calls for service which is an average of 16.9 calls per day.  A majority of the calls in 2019 were EMS related and over the past five years, Xenia Fire Division has experienced a 5-8% increase in call volume. 

EMS Billing

Facts about EMS Billing

For additional information on EMS Billing, please contact our EMS Billing Vendor ImageTrend at 1-833-469-7789.

Base service fee plus loaded mileage

Basic Life Support (BLS)$519.17
Advanced Life Support1 (ALS1)$830.67
Advanced Life Support2 (ALS2)$1,038.34
Loaded Mile$12.98/mile
*Other Fees May Apply*

Hardship Billing Form


  • Protect life and property from loss due to fire, hazardous situations, emergency medical incidents, and other disasters
  • Employ preconceived strategies and tactics based on information gathered as the incident progresses
  • Promote fire prevention and life safety through code enforcement and public education
  • Recognize our people are our greatest resource and the key to success
  • Strive for excellence in customer service