Tax Division

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The Income Tax Division provides administration of the City's Income Tax Ordinance and Rules and Regulations. The tax rate effective January 1, 2011 is 2.25% with credit allowed for taxes paid to other cities up to 1.5%. Xenia residents who pay JEDD-01 tax may take full credit for this tax on their Xenia income tax return. Filing a tax return is mandatory, whether the resident has taxable income or not. Tax information is confidential and will not be disclosed to a 3rd party without the taxpayer's written permission.

Submitting Returns to the Tax Division

Even if a tax preparer completes your Xenia Income Tax Return, the taxpayer is responsible for submitting the completed return to the Xenia Income Tax Division. Returns may be submitted electronically using the process documented on the left (Filing your City of Xenia Return Electronically

 The City of Xenia also administers the Xenia Township - City of Xenia Joint Economic Development District (JEDD-01 or Tecumseh JEDD).

The City of Xenia does not collect or administer Xenia City School Taxes. School taxes are collected and administered by the State of Ohio.


2019 Interest Rates for Municipal Income Tax obligations

2018 Interest Rates for Municipal Income Tax obligations

2017 Interest Rates for Municipal Income Tax obligations

2016 Interest Rates for Municipal Income Tax obligations

Ohio Revised Code related to Municipal Income Taxes effective for tax years 2016 and beyond

Taxpayers' Rights and Responsibilities (effective for tax years 2016 and beyond)

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