Probation Department

The Xenia Municipal Court Probation Department has supervisory responsibility for individuals whom the Court places on probation. Such individuals most typically have been convicted for drug and alcohol offenses, domestic violence and assault or theft offenses. The Probation Officers monitor probationers for compliance with the law, completion of drug and alcohol treatment, batterers’ education, anger management, theft education and other requirements ordered by the Court.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of the Xenia Municipal Court, Probation Division/Office of Community Control, is to effectively and efficiently supervise and monitor all persons placed under its control by the Court, to insure accountability and compliance with all Court orders and conditions of probation.

VISION:  To provide exemplary public service, integrity, professionalism and accountability.
  • Implement positive methods that will encourage and motivate our Probationers to change their behavior in order to become healthy, productive citizens and thereby reduce recidivism.
  • Provide accurate, non-biased information and professional recommendations to the Court.
  • Provide accurate information regarding a Probationer's progress with Court-ordered sanctions from treatment programs.
  • Help promote public safety for the citizens of Xenia.
1. Professionalism
2. Integrity
3. Respect
4. Dignity
5. Accountability

An American Correctional Association Accredited Agency

Probation Department Tools

Electronically Monitored House Arrest (EMHA) is a valuable tool for the Court for non-violent offenders, particularly in light of the limited jail space available at this time. Secured Continuous Random Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) is also used for alcohol-related offenders where monitoring is ordered by the court.

Another valuable part of the Court’s Probation Department is the “community service” program. Community service may be ordered as part of a sentence in a case, or to “work off” fines and Court costs.