Vacant Building Registration

Vacant buildings cost a community considerably due to impacts on property values, lost tax revenue, increases in police/fire calls and code enforcement services, and potential hazards to the public and public safety first responders. The registration program allows the City to keep track of vacant buildings, ensure they are maintained in a safe condition, and recover a portion of their disproportionate costs to the community. Vacant building registration was a high-priority recommendation of Xenia’s citizen-driven X-Plan, which highlighted the need to reposition vacant buildings for revitalization.

Legal Basis

Chapter 1492 of the Xenia Codified Ordinances requires owners of, or persons in control of, vacant commercial and industrial buildings in the City of Xenia to register the buildings with the City and pay an annual fee. The new ordinance is not meant to be a burden or a deterrent to owning commercial or industrial property in the City of Xenia. The ultimate goal is to encourage private-sector efforts to actively market, renovate and fill Xenia’s commercial and industrial vacant buildings. This will improve the value of Xenia’s neighborhoods and business districts, increase jobs and services, and reduce the overall burden on the community for providing City services.

To Register Your Vacant Building