Ordinances You Should Know

In Ohio, the laws are made by the General Assembly and are codified into the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). The Xenia City Council passes local laws, known as ordinances. Ordinances (XO) can be more restrictive than Ohio laws, but not less restrictive. For example, there are laws in Ohio specifying who can operate bingo and other games of chance. Xenia Ordinances cannot allow an organization to have a Monte Carlo night if the State law does not permit it. In this case, the ordinances regarding gambling are virtually the same as state law.

The ordinances below are summaries of ordinances you should know. For more information on a specific ordinance, including the penalty for violating the ordinance, type in the section number in the box labeled Quick Search.

Posting & Distribution of Advertising Matter

The posting or distribution of bills or handbills containing advertising matter pertaining to any article, compound or thing which has not been manufactured or compounded within Xenia, must first obtain a license from the City Manager. XO 804.01.

Barking & Howling Dogs

It is illegal to keep or harbor any animal within the City which, by frequent and habitual howling, yelping, barking or other activity, creates unreasonably loud and disturbing noises. XO 618.12(c).

Dogs Required to Wear Tags

All dogs, except a dog constantly confined to a registered kennel, are required to wear a valid tag. Tags are available from the Greene County Auditor's Office. ORC 955.01.

Livestock Prohibited

Livestock, farm animals and poultry are prohibited except in the Agricultural District. XO 618.18.

Parking for Disabled Persons

It is illegal to stop, stand or park in a handicapped/disabled parking space unless the motor vehicle is being operated by or for the transport of a disabled person. All such vehicles must display a parking card or special license plate for disabled persons. Minimum fine: $250. XO 452.16(c); ORC 4511.69.

Gambling in General

You cannot establish, promote or operate or knowingly engage in conduct that facilitates any game of chance conducted for profit or any scheme of chance. You cannot acquire, possess, control or operate any gambling device. This section does not apply to games of chance conducted by a charitable organization. The organization must be tax exempt from federal income taxation by the Internal Revenue Service under IRC 501(a) and described in 501(c)(3). A charitable organization means any tax exempt religious, educational, veteran's, fraternal, sporting, service, nonprofit medical, volunteer rescue service, volunteer firefighter's, senior citizen's, historic railroad educational, youth athletic, amateur athletic, or your athletic park organization. See XO 604.01 and ORC 2915.01(H) through (Q) for definitions of each of these organizations.

In addition, the games of chance must be conducted at festivals of the charitable organization that are conducted either for a period of four consecutive days or less and not more than twice a year, or for a period of five consecutive days not more than once a year, and are conducted on premises owned by the charitable organization for a period of no less than one year immediately preceding the conducting of the games of chance, on premises leased from a governmental unit, or on premises that are leased from a veteran's or fraternal organization and that have been owned by the lessor veteran's or fraternal organization for a period of no less than one year immediately preceding the conducting of the games of chance. See XO 630 for more detailed information. The XO parallels the ORC.

Garbage & Refuse Disposal

All garbage and refuse created within the city shall be disposed of by the city or its agents. No garbage or refuse shall be allowed to stand on any street or other public place in the city before noon of the day before the scheduled pick-up for that street. XO 1060.08.

Off-Street Parking

All residential parking spaces and driveways are required to have a hard surface of either asphalt or concrete. XO 1288.02.

Cutting of Weeds & Grasses Required

Owners and occupants of property within the City shall cut, mow or destroy all weeds and grasses so they do not exceed 12 inches. XO 1490.03.