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Final Draft of X-Plan Complete!

X-Plan is an update of Xenia’s comprehensive plan – a community-based vision for the future of Xenia and a roadmap of how to get there.

The plan reflects the goals, ideas and priorities that citizens expressed through an extensive public involvement process (click here to learn more). Xenians want Xenia to be a community of choice with a growing economy, great neighborhoods and a strong core!

Click on the links below to view the components of X-Plan, which include an 8-page Quick Reference Guide, full document, and individual chapters.

X-Plan Quick Reference Guide

X-Plan full document (contains hyperlinked bookmarks for easy access to sections; large file)

Cover, Table of Contents and Chapter 1 Introduction

Policies (goals, objectives and strategies to achieve Xenians' vision for Xenia)

• Chapter 2 Be a Community of Choice

Chapter 3 Grow Our Economy

Chapter 4 Make Our Neighborhoods Great

Chapter 5 Strengthen Our Core

Chapter 6 Regulatory Framework (Land Use and Thoroughfare Plans)

Implementation (how X-Plan will be implemented)

Chapter 7 Implementation Process

Chapter 8 Action Plan

X-Plan News:

City Leaders Adopt X-Plan!

Xenia City Council members unanimously passed Resolution 13-P on June 13, 2013, adopting X-Plan as Xenia's Comprehensive Plan! This follows the Xenia Planning and Zoning Commission's endorsement of X-Plan on May 16, 2013. 

Thank you to all of those who contributed their time, enthusiasm and ideas to X-Plan. The City and its citizens now have a shared vision for improving Xenia in the future. Now let's get to work and implement our plan!