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Tax Preparation Tool

The Tax Tool is available from January to the end of June each year to prepare your tax return for the previous year.  After reviewing the Tax Tool instructions, use the Tax Tool to calculate and print or E-File your tax return. You must be an established Xenia taxpayer to use the Tax Tool. 

NOTE: Your user I.D. and password from the previous year are not stored -- you must create a new user I.D. and password each year. 

NOTE:  Due to limited staffing, phone or email support for the Tax Tool is not available for the last 10 business dates before the filing deadline

If you are having trouble preparing your Xenia return, if you request an extension to file by April 15 (and it is approved) you can avoid late filing penalties.  Extensions to file are denied only if the taxpayer has a delinquency issue with the Tax Division (e.g. unfiled prior years, delinquent taxes).  Reminder: An extension to file is not an extension to pay and does not waive any penalties related to non-payment (e.g. underpayment of estimated taxes, non-payment penalty).  Any estimated taxes due should be paid at the time of requesting the extension to file.

Tax Preparation Tool (not available again until Jan 2016)

Tax Tool Instructions (not available again until Jan 2016)

Having issues viewing or printing the PDF generated by the Tax Tool?

E-Filing is available for established Xenia residents/taxpayers who either have no city taxable income or those who have city taxable income and can upload copies of their Federal return (with related schedules) and all W-2 forms.  If you are not eligible for E-Filing, all individual income tax returns must be printed and mailed or hand delivered to the Income Tax Division. Businesses (filing under a Federal ID) may file electronically using the Ohio Business Gateway.

  • Do not submit Xenia Income Tax returns electronically through any other tax preparation software since the City of Xenia will not receive your return.
  • Taxpayers who paid Tecumseh JEDD (AKA JEDD-01) withholding tax are permitted to take full credit for the JEDD-01 tax paid against their Xenia income tax liability.
  • Tax preparers may use the Tax Tool to access previous year's estimated payments for their clients if the taxpayer provides their account number and pin from their pre-printed tax return.
  • For additional information on City of Xenia Income Tax, click here.