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Employer Withholding Forms

If you are withholding City of Xenia Income Tax (even as a courtesy withholding) please submit a Business Income Questionnaire (see link below) to establish your City of Xenia withholding account.

Using one of our fill-in PDF forms?  It is strongly recommended that you save the form to your desktop, then complete, save it on your system and then submit the saved form.  This takes the form out of the browser window and reduces most issues related to the variety of web browsers available.  Click here for additional PDF hints and troubleshooting suggestions.  NOTE:  There are known incompatibility issues with ADOBE Viewer Versions higher than 9, Internet Explorer 10 and Google Chrome related to using the SUBMIT button.  If you have an issue using the SUBMIT button, attach your completed PDF to a SECURE EMAIL using the SECURE EMAIL link at the bottom of the page.

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Business Income Tax Questionnaire (fill-in PDF with Secure Submit)

2015 Withholding forms (fill-in PDF)

     Monthly forms 

     Quarterly forms 

2015 Withholding forms (to print and complete)

     Monthly forms

     Quarterly forms

Annual withholding reconciliation form (fill-in PDF)

     Monthly form

     Quarterly form

 Electronic W-2 submissions for withholders via Secure e-mail or CD

Click here to send a SECURE E-MAIL.