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Police Division

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Police Division to:

  • Make the maximum contribution to enhancing the quality of life in Xenia;
  • Have the courage to always fight injustices;
  • Protect the innocent and provide aid to those who cannot care for themselves;
  • Work in partnership with our community to prevent, resist, and eliminate crime;
  • Recognize diversity and foster a relationship of mutual respect with the members of our community;
  • Achieve personal and professional excellence;
  • Ethically and consistently exercise police powers and discretion.

We would like to hear from you!!

The City of Xenia has an excellent police force and is proud of the service the Xenia Police Division is able to provide to our community. All of the Xenia Police Division officers are highly trained to give the citizens in this community the best possible service.

Reporting a Good or Bad Experience with the Police Division.

The Xenia Police Division realizes that from time to time someone may be very happy with the service they receive from an officer. In these instances, the Division asks that you bring any experience, good or bad to our attention. The division will review your experience to ensure it was handled correctly.

  • We will ensure that the Officer receives the proper praise or discipline.
  • We will take steps to correct any mistakes that may have been made.

Steps to making an inquiry and receiving a response.

Print and complete this form.

Annual Reports