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The Xenia Volunteer Program

The City of Xenia has excellent volunteer opportunities for its citizens.  Volunteering is a great opportunity to gain experience, learn new skills, learn about the City Government, make use of your valued time, and get to know City Staff members.

We are currently in the process of identifying some key areas where volunteers would be great help! At the same time, we are establishing a pool of individuals who are interested in working for the City of Xenia.

Benefits from volunteering with the City of Xenia:

  • Job experience
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn about City Government
  • Make use of valued time
  • Sense of satisfaction
  • Opportunity to network
  • Keep active in your community
  • Opportunity for school credit
  • Annual recognition award

The Volunteer Application available for download is a computer fill-in form that was created in Adobe Acrobat format, which is also known as a PDF format (PDF = Portable Document File). To fill out, view, and/or print the application, you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a FREE program, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website. Click on the "Get Adobe Reader" icon below to download the program.




If you choose to fill out the application when it appears on your computer screen in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, any data you enter onto the application form CANNOT be "saved", but it can be printed. When you close the application form, the data you have entered will be deleted. Therefore, if you choose to fill out the volunteer application form on your computer, be sure to print a copy upon completion. Further, be sure to sign and date the application and associated forms where applicable.

Once completed, the application can be used for any volunteer opportunities in the City of Xenia.