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Sanitation Services

Weekly trash collection services for homes and small businesses within the City of Xenia are provided by Rumpke, and these charges will be included on your monthly utility bill.

Rumpke Phone Numbers:

  • Residential service questions:  (800) 223-3960
  • To schedule a bulk pickup:  (937) 461-0004

Waste Wheelers:
You may use your own trash cans or bags; however, if you wish to rent a waste wheeler from Rumpke, contact them directly at (800) 223-3960. The 90-gallon waste wheelers are $2.00 per month, which is payable 12 months in advance ($24.00). Rumpke will invoice you directly for the waste wheeler.

Bulk Items:
Contact Rumpke at (937) 461-0004 to schedule bulk pickups. Please notify Rumpke 48 hours in advance of your normal service day if you require collection of an item containing chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs (refrigerators, freezers and/or air conditioners).

Restricted Items for Weekly Routine Trash Pickup:

  • Brush must be bundled in 2 foot x 4 foot bundles. Xenia residents can also drop off yard waste and brush at no charge at the Greene County Solid Waste District Yard Waste Facility, located at 2145 Greenway Boulevard. For more information about this option, please call Greene County Sanitary Engineering's Environmental Services Division at (937) 562-5925 or visit their website:
  • No paper barrels or drums of any size will be picked up.
  • Lumber placed at the curb must be tied in bundles not larger than 4 feet long and 2 feet wide.
  • All items for pickup must weigh less than 60 pounds.
  • No items containing potentially hazardous, highly combustible or explosive materials can be disposed of in your regular trash. For hazardous waste disposal, contact the Greene County Sanitary Engineering's Environmental Services Division at (937) 562-5925 or visit the website listed above for information about their Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days.

Holiday Schedule:
Rumpke will not provide collection on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If the holiday falls on or before your collection day, your service will be delayed by one day for the remainder of that week with Friday residents being serviced on Saturday.

Curbside Recycling:
Rumpke provides weekly curbside recycling collection at no additional charge. Rumpke and the City of Xenia encourage you and your family to join in the effort to reduce the volume of Xenia waste disposed of in landfills and help save valuable resources, both natural and financial.

Rumpke provides recycling bins for this purpose. Need a recycling bin??? Call Utility Billing at (937) 376-7242 or visit the First Floor of City Hall, where recycling bins can usually be found near the Reception Desk.

What Goes Into Your Recycling Bin?
Newspaper and Mixed Paper: Newspapers with glossy ad inserts, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, paperboard boxes (cereal snacks, etc.), junk mail (direct mail, window envelopes, flyers, etc.) soft drink and beer cartons are accepted and should be placed together in a brown paper grocery sack. Place sack(s) and/or corrugated cardboard (flattened in 2 foot X 2 foot bundles) inside or beside your bin, or in case of rain, under the bin. Not accepted: Pizza boxes due to grease and food contamination.

Plastic milk containers, soft drink, shampoo, laundry, and detergent bottles displaying the recycling logo with a number one or two are accepted. Please remove all caps or lids and rinse out. Plastic containers may be crushed to conserve bin space. Not accepted: Wide-mouth containers, such as margarine bowls or whipped topping bowls, CD cases, children’s toys, oil jugs, plastic flatware, plastic bags, plastic buckets, and garden hoses.

Clear, brown, green and blue glass food and beverage containers and jars are accepted. Please remove the caps and rinse. Paper labels do not require removal. Not accepted: Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, drinking glasses or mugs, and oven/cooking glassware (such as Pyrex).

Beverage & Steel Food Cans:
Aluminum cans, steel soup and food cans, and empty aerosol cans are accepted. Please rinse and drain. Cans may be crushed and lids may be placed inside the cans to conserve bin space. Not accepted: Pots, pans, coat hangers and scrap steel.

Gable-Top Cartons, Drink & Juice Boxes:
Paperboard cartons containing milk, juice, non-dairy creamers, fabric softener, and egg substitutes are accepted. Not accepted: Frozen food cartons, frozen juice concentrate containers, straws, and wax-coated products, such as yogurt cups or wax paper.

If you fill your bin ... you may put extra recyclables in an open paper bag beside or on top of the bin. If something is left in your bin, it is because that item is not currently recyclable. Please dispose of left items as trash.