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High academic standards, diversity and career placement are Xenia Community Schools' main attractions. As a community, Xenia is restructuring its system of education to ensure success for all its young people and for continued economic and cultural growth.

Education is one of Xenia's most valuable assets and has a significant influence on the community's quality of life.

Xenia Community Schools' Project Renaissance is one example of that standard of quality. Winner of USA Today's Community Solutions for Education Award, Xenia Schools was one of only seven organizations in the country to receive the national award. Project Renaissance was made possible by Partners in Education, a committee teaming local businesses with Xenia Schools.

The Xenia School system includes seven elementary schools, two junior high schools, and one high school.  A parochial elementary school, private preschools, Christian schools, and the Greene County Career Center also offer educational opportunities. Students with special needs attend Four Oaks School or participate in a variety of training programs available through the Greene County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

The Greene County Career Center is one of the most diverse high-tech vocational schools in Ohio. Annually, more than 90% of Career Center graduates are placed in the labor force. Trend setting programs for vocational training and adult education provide area employers with well trained, dependable employees. The Career Center works with businesses to develop training programs tailored to their needs.

Within Greene County alone there are six public and private colleges and universities. Expand the area to include a 35-mile radius, and there are more than 20 colleges and universities, plus a number of major industrial research foundations.

The challenge of preparing students for careers in the 21st Century takes study, determination, and vision. Xenia has the vision to believe its young people are its future.