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Application for Street Opening Permit

  1. Type of Property

      1. Type of Project

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      3. NOTE: This is the name and address that will be used to refund street opening deposit.

      4. Payment instructions for approved permits will be sent to this address.

      5. The deposit is equal to $1,030 per lane width disturbed. The deposit will be returned to the above listed applicant when the street is restored to City Standards and passes inspection by City Inspectors. Also at the time of application, a non-refundable $54 inspection fee is due.

      6. 1) to be legally responsible for any and all consequences arising from said excavation; 2) to be responsible for traffic control and notify the City of Xenia's dispatch of all necessary lane closures and 3) to restore all disturbed areas of the City Right-of-Way to like or better conditions in accordance with the City of Xenia's Construction Standards.

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