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Application For Utility Work in the City Right of Way

  1. Please indicate the proposed starting and ending construction dates.

  2. Provide street address, address range, intersection, etc.

  3. District Type

  4. Name and telephone number for person submitting application.

  5. Approved applications will be sent to this e-mail address.

  6. Provide a name and phone number contact to reach during construction.

  7. This space is provided to add any additional comments or information.

  8. A site plan drawing is required. PDF files can be uploaded here.

  9. Utility Work Applications must be accompanied by site plan drawings for the proposed work. There is no charge for Utility Work Permits. By submitting an application, applicant agrees to restore all parts of disturbed right-of-way to like or better conditions per the City of Xenia's Construction Standards. Permits will be returned using the e-mail address provided. Approved permits must be issued before work can commence.

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