Public Hearing Notices

If you received a Notice of Public Hearing

A notice for a public hearing is a required notice to be sent by the City to property owners who are in the vicinity of a property where development of or changes are proposed. Such notices invite the public to participate in the decision-making process. If you received a notice of public hearing in the mail and you have questions, please contact the staff member at the number listed at the bottom of the notice.

City Council

One (1) public hearing is scheduled for the May 25, 2017 City Council meeting:
  • Request to rezone a total of 13.941 acres at the addresses of 1017 and 1051 Stevenson Road from R-1A One-Family Residential to A-1 Agricultural District, filed by Nicholas Lamont, owner of 1017 Stevenson Road. Please click here to read the public hearing notice.

Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Two (2) public hearings are scheduled for the May 22, 2017, Board of Zoning Appeals meeting:
    • Variance to allow a 6' tall wood privacy fence to be constructed in the front yard of a corner lot at 2326 Minnesota Drive filed by property owner Shawn Davidson. Please click here to read the public hearing notice.
    • Variance to allow placement of a temporary classroom structure in a front yard at 1694 Pawnee Drive filed by ASA Architects for Summit Academy. Please click here to read the public hearing notice.

    Planning and Zoning Commission

    There are no public hearings scheduled for any Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.