Downtown Parking Application

Downtown Parking
The City of Xenia maintains four public parking lots in downtown Xenia. Public parking is also available in the Xenia Towne Square
parking lot, although the city does not maintain this lot. These lots are all provided for the benefit and convenience of downtown residents, business owners, employees, customers and visitors. They are part of the city’s commitment to maintaining a strong, vibrant downtown.

Downtown is a diverse, mixed use environment with a variety of parking needs. The city’s downtown municipal parking lot policy
recognizes this. The policy is intended to balance the needs of all downtown users fairly and provide an incentive for continued
private investment in downtown.

There are four categories of parking provisions in downtown parking lots:
  • Free parking
  • Discounted placard
  • Placard
  • Reserved
The Downtown Parking Brochure (PDF) describes each category’s policies and locations.

Parking Application
You may submit the Application for Municipal Placard / Reserved Parking online, or mail to / submit in person to:
City of Xenia
Police Division
101 N Detroit Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385

You will receive an invoice for payment via check, cash or credit card (online or in-person). A placard (and sign for Reserved permits) will then be created for the desired parking space. Parking fees are non-refundable.

Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis except:
  • Renter mix: The city will prevent one company, organization or person from holding all of the placard/reserved spaces in a lot, unless no others apply.
  • Preference to previous renters: During each rental period, persons who rented a space (and maintained on-time payments) in the previous period will be given preference over newcomers.
All parking space renters must display their placard in a visible location inside their car.

If a parking spot is occupied by an unauthorized vehicle (i.e. without the required placard), permit holders are allowed to park elsewhere in the lot free of charge. Placard permit holders should contact the Parking Enforcement Officer at 937-376-7215 to report the violation. Reserved permit holders may contact the numbers listed on the Tow-Away Zone sign to have the unauthorized vehicle towed at its owner’s expense.

Please contact the Parking Enforcement Officer, at 937-376-7215, for any questions.