Codified Ordinances

American Legal Publishing maintains our Codified Ordinances per a five-year contract executed in October 2012. Access an electronic version of our Code in its entirety via a link to their online library.

Our published code is current through 12/31/15. The following is a listing of all Ordinances and Resolutions passed since our most recent update (Ordinances listed first, followed by Resolutions).

2016 Ordinances

  1. Ord. 16-01 Final Operating Budget for 2016
  2. Ord. 16-02 Waive competitive bidding for the purchase of water meters
  3. Ord. 16-03 Waive competitive bidding for landfill post-closure groundwater monitoring
  4. Ord. 16-04 Amending XCO Chapter 274 - Civil Service to add Prosecutor
  5. Ord. 16-05 Amending XCO Chapter 260 - Pay Sources for Law Director
  6. Ord. 16-06 Appropriations for Interim Law Director Services
  7. Ord. 16-07 Appropriations for City Portion of 2014 CHIP Grant
  8. Ord. 16-08 Authorizing issuance of 1 million dollars in Park Improvement bonds
  9. Ord. 16-09 Appropriations for Park Improvements Financing
  10. Ord. 16-10 Authorizing an Agreement for Electric Generation Supply thru MVCC
  11. Ord. 16-11 Waive Competitive Bidding for Network Wiring Services - Reddy Electric
  12. Ord. 16-12 Annual Codified Ordinance Hard Copy Update 2015
  13. Ord. 16-13 Amending XCO Sections 1246.04 and 1246.06
  14. Ord. 16-14 Waiving Comp Bidding to extend contract with Renergy for biosolid waste disposal
  15. Ord. 16-15 Appropriations for Hospitality and Main project
  16. Ord. 16-16 Rezoning recently annexed 5.991-acres in Sol Arnovitz Park to R-1C
  17. Ord. 16-17 Appropriations for 2016 Street Program
  18. Ord. 16-18 Accepting two parcels at 220 E Church Street
  19. Ord. 16-19 Amending XCO Section 1490.03(g) Notice of Violation - Rubbish/Garbage Violations
  20. Ord. 16-20 Waiving Comp Bidding and purchase splash pad and playground equipment for Xenia Station
  21. Ord. 16-21 Appropriations for Hope VI Grant
  22. Ord. 16-22 Appropriations for Kmart Phase II ESA
  23. Ord. 16-23 Authorizing the sale of former Kmart property
  24. Ord. 16-24 Amending XCO Chapter 283 EDAB to add XCS members
  25. Ord. 16-25 Waiving comp bids to purchase police cruisers from Key Chrysler
  26. Ord. 16-26 Amending XCO Part Twelve to enact new Land Development Code
  27. Ord. 16-27 Rezoning 136 parcels per enactment of new Land Development Code
  28. Ord. 16-28 Amending XCO Chapter 298 Fee Schedule per new Land Development Code
  29. Ord. 16-29 Amending XCO Chapter 289 Records Commission deleting volunteer term limits
  30. Ord. 16-30 Appropriations for receipt of Carnegie Library grant
  31. Ord. 16-31 Acceptance of 3 parcels on N Columbus and E Main via foreclosure
  32. Ord. 16-32 Amending XCO Chapter 1060 Sanitation Service
  33. Ord. 16-33 Appropriations for building maintenance and parking lot lease expenses
  34. Ord. 16-34 Appropriations for Dell Computer purchase
  35. Ord. 16-35 Rezoning five parcels on Progress and Hospitality from C-PUD to B-3
  36. Ord. 16-36 Amending XCO Chapter 208 to participate in NIPA and TCPN cooperative purchasing programs
  37. Ord. 16-37 Waiving Comp Bidding and contract with APG Office Furnishings for facilities project
  38. Ord. 16-38 Rezoning 0.318-acre portion of 1334 N Detroit St from R-1C to PUD
  39. Ord. 16-39 Amending XCO Chapter 260 Pay Sources for Assistant Engineer
  40. Ord. 16-40 Six-Month Moratorium re Medical Marijuana retailers
  41. Ord. 16-41 Appropriations for FY 2015 CDBG CAP Roof Project
  42. Ord. 16-42 Appropriations for VOCA transfer to purchase IT items
  43. Ord. 16-43 Appropriations and authorize Change Order No 1 for 2016 Street Program
  44. Ord. 16-44 Waiving Comp Bidding to purchase Production Audio Visual System
  45. Ord. 16-45 Rezoning 4412 parcels in association with new Land Development Code
  46. Ord. 16-46 Appropriations for insurance claims, Xenia Station Shelter repair, and janitorial service
  47. Ord. 16-47 Appropriations for Fiber Project Change Order
  48. Ord. 16-48 Restricting Parking to 2 hours for 4 spaces across from 107 E Main St
  49. Ord. 16-49 Appropriations for reimbursable insurance claims and interfund loans
  50. Ord. 16-50 Declaring surplus property to sell on GovDeals - XFD items
  51. Ord. 16-51 Amending XCO Chap 274 - new Public Service positions
  52. Ord. 16-52 Amending XCO Chapter 260 - Pay Sources for Public Service Positions
  53. Ord. 16-53 Waiving Comp Bidding for Fire Suppression Services
  54. Ord. 16-54 Amending XCO Chap 881 Income Tax Regs for 2016 and Beyond
  55. Ord. 16-55 Relocate stop signs along E Second from S Collier to S Whiteman and construct crosswalk
  56. Ord. 16-56 Interim budget for 2017
  57. Ord. 16-57 Adjusting 2016 budget
  58. Ord. 16-58 Amending XCO Chapter 298 Fee Schedule

2016 Resolutions

  1. Res. 16-A Authorizing advance payment of taxes from Greene County Auditor
  2. Res. 16-B Appreciation of Charles P Feaster (Posthumous)
  3. Res. 16-C Approving 2016 Financial Policies and Goals
  4. Res. 16-D Authorizing Housing Revolving Loan Fund Administration Agreement
  5. Res. 16-E Authorizing Then and Now Payment to AT&T
  6. Res. 16-F Calling for Restoration of Local Government Funding from the State of Ohio
  7. Res. 16-G Authorizing lease agreement with US Bank to finance medic unit
  8. Res. 16-H Authorizing Agreement with GC Engineer for 2016 Street Program
  9. Res. 16-I Adopting final ODOT legislation for Hospitality and Main project
  10. Res. 16-J Authorizing CRA Agreement with Tashi Hospitality for hotel project
  11. Res. 16-K Providing that assessments be levied and certified to County Auditor
  12. Res. 16-L Authorizing application and acceptance of FY2016 CDBG Grant
  13. Res. 16-M Authorizing a Then and Now Payment to Kemper Controls
  14. Res. 16-N Authorizing application to OPWC for Issue II funds to repave S Progress Drive
  15. Res. 16-O Authorizing a Lease Agreement w/Dell Financial Services for computer equipment
  16. Res. 16-P Authorize Then and Now Payment to Hylant Administrative Services
  17. Res. 16-Q Providing for assessments to be levied and certifying to County Auditor
  18. Res. 16-R Authorizing Then and Now payment to Northcoast Products
  19. Res. 16-S Authorizing LPA Agreement with ODOT for Lower Bellbrook resurfacing
  20. Res. 16-T Authorizing Then and Now Payment to Physio Control
  21. Res. 16-U Authorizing App to MVRPC for STP funding to resurface a portion of W Second St
  22. Res. 16-V Accepting and Certify Amounts and Rates per Budget Commission
  23. Res. 16-W Appreciation of Donald Pennewitt (posthumous)
  24. Res. 16-Y Auth Then and Now Payment to Kemper Controls
  25. Res. 16-Z Giving consent to work w ODOT on annual bridge inspections
  26. Res. 16-AA Adopting 2017-2021 Five-Year CIP
  27. Res. 16-BB Supporting GMH renewal levy known as Issue 22
  28. Res. 16-CC Authorization to work with ODOT to crack seal 380
  29. Res. 16-DD Authorizing Acceptance of VOCA and SVAA grants
  30. Res. 16-EE Support for XCS Issue 21
  31. Res. 16-FF Auth Suspension of Uncollectible Utilities Receivables
  32. Res. 16-GG Auth Suspension of Uncollectible Income Taxes Receivables
  33. Res. 16-HH Auth Suspension of Uncollectible Parking Citation Receivables
  34. Res. 16-II Providing for assessments to be levied and certified to County Auditor
  35. Res. 16-JJ Authorizing Then and Now payment to Burgess and Niple