Codified Ordinances

American Legal Publishing maintains our Codified Ordinances per a five-year contract executed in October 2012. Access an electronic version of our Code in its entirety via a link to their online library.

Our published code is current through November 2016. The following is a listing of all Ordinances and Resolutions passed since our most recent update (Ordinances listed first, followed by Resolutions).

2016 Ordinances

2017 Ordinances

  1. Ord. 17-01 Authorize lease of portion of 200 W Main to Huntington Bank for ATM
  2. Ord. 17-02 Authorize MOU with XARSC to occupy portion of facility at 966 Towler Rd
  3. Ord. 17-03 Final Budget for 2017
  4. Ord. 17-04 Annual Hard Copy Code Update
  5. Ord. 17-05 Accepting Parcel M40-2-8-266 on E Market Street
  6. Ord. 17-06 Accepting Parcel M40-2-5-220 at 392 E Market Street
  7. Ord. 17-07 Waiving Competitive Bidding to purchase 1 unmarked Police SUV
  8. Ord. 17-08 Waiving Competitive Bidding for Network Wiring Services
  9. Ord. 17-09 Rezoning 8.8-acre parcel at 730 Dayton Xenia Road from I-2 to A-1
  10. Ord. 17-10 Appropriation for Downtown Safety Project Change Order
  11. Ord. 17-11 Waiving Competitive Bidding and contract w/ AMEC for landfill groundwater monitoring
  12. Ord. 17-12 Appropriations for Professional Services Agreement w/ American Structurepoint
  13. Ord. 17-13 Appropriation to transfer funds in Law Department for Legal Services
  14. Ord. 17-14 Amend XCO Chapter 802 and create Chapter 872 to prohibit Medical Marijuana
  15. Ord. 17-15 Rezoning 626 N Columbus Avenue from R-1B to P-1
  16. Ord. 17-16 Appropriations for changes in Sanitation Program
  17. Ord. 17-17 Amending XCO Section 220.11 Salary of Council Members
  18. Ord. 17-18 Waiving Competitive Bidding to purchase replacement Durapatch tank from Northcoast
  19. Ord. 17-19 Appropriations for purchase of cooling system at Justice Center
  20. Ord. 17-20 Waiving Competitive Bidding for purchase and install of cooling system at Justice Center
  21. Ord. 17-21 Appropriations for XMC back scanning project
  22. Ord. 17-22 Major Change to PUD Concept Plan increasing to 249.837 acres - OVCH
  23. Ord. 17-23 Amending XCO Chapter 1060 Sanitation Service
  24. Ord. 17-24 Amending XCO Chapter 298 Fee Schedule - Sanitation Service
  25. Ord. 17-25 Amending XCO Section 260.03 Pay Sources for Laborer
  26. Ord. 17-26 Appropriations for Burgess and Niple Change Order #3 for Kmart project
  27. Ord. 17-27 Waiving Competitive Bidding for Internet Services from DataYard
  28. Ord. 17-28 Appropriations for specialized legal services for operation of closed landfill
  29. Ord. 17-29 Rezoning 1017 and 1051 Stevenson Road from R-1A to A-1
  30. Ord. 17-30 Appropriations for cemetery purchase
  31. Ord. 17-31 Authorizing City's interest in cemetery parcels
  32. Ord. 17-32 Appropriation for Traffic Impact Study at Progress Center
  33. Ord. 17-33 Appropriations for Interim Legal Services
  34. Ord. 17-34 Rezoning 1.876-acre portion of 856 Hedges Road from A-1 to R-1A
  35. Ord. 17-35 Authorizing sale of former Simon Kenton Elementary School
  36. Ord. 17-36 Authorizing sale of 0.114 acres at 1087 W Second St to GC Council on Aging