Quality of Life Vision

Vision Statement
The City of Xenia provides a premium quality of life for residents and visitors. Our community's continued dedication to preserving ecological resources, local culture and historic treasures ensures a beautiful and lasting physical environment. Celebration of our traditions and values and appreciation of our diverse people make for a warm and inviting social climate. The outstanding characteristics of Xenia are enjoyed through excellent recreation and entertainment offerings throughout the community.
Strategic Goals
  • Incorporate environmental protection strategies into organizational operating systems
  • Promote and preserve the historic character and architecture of the Xenia community
  • Enhance partnerships with local organizations and utilize City resources to ensure community festivals, activities and celebrations are accessible and successful
  • Leverage resources to maximize our recreation programming capacity and quality
  • Promote an environment that is conducive to the development of cultural and entertainment activities
  • Develop and maintain a diverse, flourishing park system
Shawnee and Trees