Business Development Vision

Vision Statement
The City of Xenia enjoys full employment through a vibrant, growing and diverse economic base.

Strategic Goals
  • Provide infrastructure, including transportation, utility and telecommunications that attracts industrial and other business sectors and allows existing businesses to grow
  • Facilitate the appropriate redevelopment of former industrial sites and existing buildings for reuse by other businesses
  • Attract and retain a diverse economic base, including: defense-related, high-technology, base manufacturing, bio-technology, service-sector, financial sector and retail/consumer oriented businesses that provide a wide tax base
  • Attract and retain businesses offering employment to a diverse workforce, including skilled and non-skilled, technical, management and support personnel
  • Minimize environmental impact of new businesses and promote "green" development
  • Pursue careful annexation and development that allows for appropriate growth without undue burden on public service and infrastructure capacity
  • Fully-occupy existing industrial/business parks while planning new facilities to accommodate growth
Xenia Downtown