Vision Elements

In 2007 the City Manager's Office, in partnership with the Xenia City Council, developed Vision Elements and Strategic Goals for the City of Xenia. These vision elements are descriptive elements that collectively paint a future vision of the City of Xenia. Our vision elements provide a template that aids city leaders in long-term decision making and strategic planning for Xenia.
  1. Business Development Vision

    The City of Xenia enjoys full employment through a vibrant, growing and diverse economic base. Find out the strategic goals of this vision.

  2. Community Image Vision

    Socially welcoming and business friendly, nurturing and supportive, Xenia is an emerging and desirable community with small town appeal. Find out about more of this vision's goals.

  3. Community Involvement Vision

    The City of Xenia abounds with community involvement. Xenians celebrate and elevate the community experience through active civic participation, public dialogue, and neighborhood development.

  4. Education Vision

    The City of Xenia is committed to partnering with its varied educational institutions for the promotion of excellent schools and recognizes the interdependency of quality education, a well-educated workforce and a thriving community.

  5. Good Governance Vision

    The City of Xenia has a healthy governing system with public stakeholders actively participating in the effort to sustain Xenia as a vital, thriving community.

  6. Health & Wellness Vision

    The City of Xenia is recognized for healthy living and its access to the best quality healthcare. Xenians lead full and healthful lives through the availability of modern healthcare prevention, response, and treatment systems, a clean and vitalizing local environment and robust fitness and recreation opportunities.

  7. Housing Vision

    he City of Xenia is a welcoming community with diverse housing options available to the full spectrum of Xenians throughout their lives. Housing in Xenia meets a high standard of livability with a healthy mix of home-ownership and rental opportunities, a commitment to neighborhood improvement and historic preservation, and an appropriate balance between new development and reinvestment.

  8. Public Safety Vision

    The City of Xenia is renowned for its progressive public safety services. Forward thinking oversight, prevention and response systems allow all to enjoy Xenia with peace of mind in a safe environment.

  9. Public Service Vision

    The City of Xenia is distinguished for its proactive and effective public services. The safety and reliability of public utilities and transportation systems enhance the community's livability and business climate.

  10. Quality of Life Vision

    Our community's continued dedication to preserving ecological resources, local culture and historic treasures ensures a beautiful and lasting physical environment.

  11. Retail & Service Vision

    The City of Xenia's retail and service establishments provide a multiplicity of quality services and goods marketable to a broad mix of people. Xenia is the destination for shopping, recreation, and service, accommodating the needs of both residents and visitors.

  12. Viable Workforce Vision

    The City of Xenia is recognized as having a highly skilled and diverse workforce served by quality educational institutions.